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Located in London, Studio Modha stands as an innovative player in Interior Design. They came to us with a clear aim: to establish a brand identity that would set them apart at their business debut. Unlike many in the interior design industry, Studio Modha desired something distinct.


Our initial strategy delved into understanding their brand's core values. We explored Studio Modha's story, mission, messaging, and market positioning. We also spent time understanding the specific audience they aimed to attract.

While we usually offer a broad palette of creative options, Studio Modha's team came prepared. They had a vision. They aimed to position themselves between medium and high-end design, with a clear inclination towards typographic identity over abstract symbols. From our discussions, we encapsulated the brand's essence into three defining words: Sleek. Fitting. Quality.

Identity Design

Armed with these insights, we had a clear strategy. Our goal was to craft a brand identity that perfectly represented Studio Modha. Below are our initial typographic-focused logo design concepts for Studio Modha.

By the fourth revision, Studio Modha was captivated by a particular design. It retained the minimalist and contemporary style they aspired for, without venturing into overly bold territories. The stencil appearance of "STUDIO" resonated with them, echoing the sketches commonly associated with interior designs. The strategic absence of the central portion of "STUDIO" to make room for "MODHA" cleverly symbolized the nuanced anatomy of interior design.

Below you will see the final design that fits the glass shoe. It achieved the sleek and contemporary brand requirement Studio Modha were in search of. The design was able to fit in uniquely with the contemporary interior design industry and to represent Studio Modha's premium work quality.

Collateral Design

We extended the new brand identity into various collateral pieces. From business cards to letterheads, and brochures to hoarding board designs. Each piece was meticulously crafted to ensure consistency. This cohesion not only elevated Studio Modha's professional presence but also solidified their brand's image in every client interaction.

Web Design & Dev

Understanding the importance of a compelling online presence, we embarked on designing and developing Studio Modha's website. It wasn't just about aesthetics; we aimed for functionality and user experience. The site was tailored to reflect Studio Modha's brand ethos, integrating the sleek and quality-driven approach they're known for. Responsive and intuitive, the website serves as an online portfolio, effectively showcasing their expertise in interior design to potential clients.


At 9 Designs, the fruition of this project filled us with immense pride. The crafted visual identity for Studio Modha stands as one of our most astutely conceived and executed works.

What amplified our satisfaction was the commendation from Studio Modha. They were not just pleased, but genuinely proud of their rejuvenated brand identity, attributing much of their enthusiasm to our meticulous and thoughtful design process.


Working with the 9 Designs team was an absolute delight. Their attention to detail and dedication to truly understanding our vision was commendable. The final brand strategy and identity they delivered not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!"

- Neha, Founder, Studio Modha.