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Richard Moore, a LinkedIn Top Voice and renowned sales coach, faced significant hurdles in translating his LinkedIn engagement into a cohesive brand experience that drives brand awareness, sales and client onboarding. There were multiple challenges:

  1. Undefined Brand Strategy: The absence of a clear, comprehensive brand strategy made it challenging to effectively enhance brand awareness, recognition, and reputation in a competitive market.
  2. Digital Disconnection: A pronounced gap existed between Richard's LinkedIn engagement and the successful conversion of this engagement into digital product sales, with no clear brand journey established for guiding potential clients.
  3. Inadequate User Experience (UX/UI): The website and digital platforms failed to deliver an engaging and consistent user journey, crucial for converting leads to sales.
  4. Manual Client Onboarding: The onboarding process for new clients was cumbersome and non-scalable, constraining growth and client service efficiency.
  5. Lack of Brand Cohesiveness: Inconsistent branding and messaging across digital touchpoints resulted in a weakened and diffused brand image.
  6. Fragmented Platform: Key programs like the "LinkedIn Client Accelerator" were dispersed across various channels without a central access platform, leading to a convoluted learning experience.
  7. Weak Landing Pages: The ineffective strategic design and messaging of landing pages failed to capture strong interest or drive conversions, significantly impacting the potential for client acquisition.
  8. Absence of Community Hub: Despite a vision to build a vibrant community around his brand, there was no dedicated platform to engage and nurture this audience.
  9. Disjointed Brand Experience: The lack of integration between LinkedIn presence and digital offerings led to a disjointed journey for clients, eroding the seamless brand experience.
  10. Inconsistent Communication Channels: Updates, scheduling, and content from key programs were not streamlined, resulting in a fragmented communication strategy that diluted the brand's message and community engagement.
  11. Non-existent Email Marketing Strategy: There was a critical absence of a strategy for regular audience engagement through newsletters or email marketing efforts, missing opportunities for brand strengthening and customer loyalty.

Rectifying these challenges required a strategic overhaul to connect each aspect of Richard's brand presence into a cohesive narrative, thus crafting an impactful brand experience that could retain and attract clients while propelling the brand forward. We wanted to leverage a strong LinkedIn presence to be able to build an even more  profitable and scalable business & brand.


The approach to rejuvenating Richard Moore's digital brand began with an in-depth evaluation of the existing brand strategy. This initial assessment was crucial, as it laid the foundation upon which we could build a more robust and effective brand presence. We focused on understanding the core of Richard's current strategy, pinpointing its strengths and identifying the gaps that required immediate attention.

With a clear picture of the current state of affairs, we transitioned into developing a strategic roadmap. This roadmap was not just a series of steps but a comprehensive plan designed to strengthen the existing brand strategy while aligning it with Richard's vision for growth and engagement. The aim was to create a synergy between his offline renown and online presence, ensuring a consistent brand narrative throughout all platforms. This involved fine-tuning the brand's approach to awareness and positioning, ensuring that it would serve as a solid base for all communication and activities moving forward. The strategy needed to resonate with the audience's expectations and Richard’s brand values.

Simultaneously, we began fleshing out a more detailed phase plan. The phased approach allowed us to roll out improvements in manageable segments, ensuring each aspect of the strategy was given the attention it deserved without overwhelming the existing operations. This methodical progression ensured that each phase built upon the last, steadily moving toward a fully realized digital ecosystem that would reflect the sophistication and effectiveness of Richard's coaching practice. Each phase of the strategy was geared towards a singular goal: to transform Richard Moore's brand into a seamless, integrated experience from LinkedIn to the final sale, positioning him not just as a coach but as a digital force within the sales coaching market.

The execution of the strategy started with immediate actions.

PHASE 2: MVP Website

The first step in our strategic roadmap was to address the most pressing issues head-on by designing and launching an MVP website. This initial website served as a pivotal platform to improve immediate user interactions and streamline the course structures into a centrally managed system.

MVP Website Wireframe

Phase 2 Strategy Roadmap Actions:

  • Robust Landing Pages: We designed landing pages that were not only visually appealing but also intuitively navigable, ensuring that users could find the information they needed swiftly. This effort aimed to minimize bounce rates and maximize conversions from visits to actionable engagements.
  • Clear Contact Methods: Incorporating clear and easily accessible contact options was essential. This UX feature ensured that potential clients could effortlessly reach out, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement rates.
  • Community Engagement Platform: Setting up a basic yet effective platform for community engagement allowed us to test and refine how users interact with each other and the brand online. This setup was designed with user experience in mind, promoting easy navigation and encouraging active participation.
  • Centralized Course Management: Migrating course structures and frameworks to a cohesive and centrally managed contact point was done with a focus on making the learning management system user-friendly. This involved organizing course content in a way that was easy for users to access, understand, and utilize.
MVP Web Design

Each of these elements was carefully integrated with a strong emphasis on creating a user-friendly digital environment. This initial phase laid the groundwork for a significant future redevelopment of the website. It established a responsive and pivotal touchpoint that is central to the overall brand strategy, enhancing Richard Moore's brand experience across all platforms.

Phase 3: Visual Identity Refinement

The second step of strategy execution focused on refining Richard Moore's visual identity to ensure it aligned with the newly established strategic direction. This phase was critical in evolving the brand's aesthetic elements to better communicate its core values and enhance its market presence.

Phase 3 Strategy Roadmap Actions:

  • Style Evolution: We undertook a comprehensive review of the existing visual elements, including color schemes, typography, and imagery. This review led to a deliberate evolution of the brand's style, introducing updated colors that reflect Richard's dynamic and professional approach, and design elements that appeal to his target audience.
  • Design Element Integration: New design elements were carefully integrated to improve user interaction and engagement across all digital platforms. This included the introduction of modern typography and interactive elements that not only caught the eye but also facilitated easier navigation and a more enjoyable user experience.
  • Enhancement of Digital Touchpoints: The refreshed visual identity was consistently applied across all digital touchpoints, including the website, social media profiles, and email marketing templates. This consistency ensured that users would have a cohesive and seamless experience, reinforcing the brand's narrative at every interaction.
  • Reinforcement of Brand Narrative: The updated visual identity helped to reinforce the brand's refreshed narrative, making it more relatable and memorable. This was not just about aesthetics but also about embedding the brand’s values and messaging into the visual aspects, making sure that each visual element communicated something meaningful about the brand.
Visual Identity Refresh with Style, Typography and Color Palette

This phase was pivotal in transforming Richard Moore's brand into a visually cohesive and strategically aligned entity, ready to attract and engage a broader audience while maintaining a strong connection with existing followers. The refined visual identity not only elevated the brand’s aesthetic but also amplified its strategic messaging, setting the stage for enhanced digital interactions and brand loyalty.

Phase 4: Community Platform Migration

In this critical phase, we addressed the need for a unified community platform by migrating all user interactions to a single platform. This step had to be taken before developing further digital products and the new website. This strategic shift was designed to centralize and enhance the brand experience and learning experience while fostering a cohesive and engaging community environment, which as a result turn strengthens the brand perception:

Phase 4 Strategy Roadmap Actions:

  • Centralizing Content and Interactions: By moving all courses, discussions, and resources to a single platform, we eliminated the fragmentation that had previously complicated the learning journey. This consolidation made it easier for users to access materials and interact with both the content and each other in a structured environment.
  • Enhancing Community Engagement: The single platform focus provided the tools necessary to foster active community participation. Features such as introduction spaces, topic areas, Q&A's, archived calls and live sessions encouraged interactions among members, creating a vibrant and supportive online community, connecting the brand experience.
  • Streamlining Communication: The migration to a centralized platform also streamlined communication, allowing for more effective moderation and quicker response times from the support team. This led to an improved user experience and increased satisfaction among community members.
  • Feedback Mechanism Implementation: A continuous feedback strategy was set up within to gather insights directly from users about their experiences. This feedback is crucial for ongoing improvements and ensuring the platform meets the evolving needs of the community.

This phase was pivotal in realizing Richard’s vision of a unified community where learners could connect, share, and grow together. The migration not only centralized the brand experience but also significantly enhanced community engagement, marking a major milestone in the digital transformation of Richard Moore's brand.

Richard Moore's Digital Community Platform

Phase 5: Digital Product Development

Following on, we shifted our focus to expanding Richard Moore's product offerings, specifically targeting the development of entry-level products. These new offerings were strategically designed to function as preliminary engagement points that smoothly guide potential clients towards his flagship program. This step was essential for deepening the brand’s reach and nurturing trust with a broader audience.

Phase 5 Strategy Roadmap Actions:

  • Entry-Level Products: We digitalized a series of introductory courses and workshops that provided a taste of Richard's expertise at a more accessible price point. These offerings were designed to meet the needs of newcomers to his methodology, providing them with valuable insights and practical tools that incentivize further engagement with more comprehensive programs.
  • Strategic Alignment with Brand Goals: Each new product was meticulously crafted to ensure alignment with the overarching brand strategy. This alignment guaranteed that every product reinforced Richard's brand identity and values, contributing to a coherent brand experience.
  • Trust-Building Through Value: The focus was on delivering exceptional value through these entry-level offerings, thereby building trust and credibility among potential clients. This approach was aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of Richard's coaching methods, encouraging clients to invest in more extensive programs.
  • Development of Each Touchpoint: We refined every touchpoint along the customer journey, from the initial landing pages to key information delivery, lead magnets and engaging forms. Each element was designed to provide ample information in an easily digestible format, minimizing client effort and maximizing engagement and conversion.
  • Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement: We established mechanisms to collect and analyze customer feedback on these new products. This ongoing feedback loop allowed us to make iterative improvements, ensuring that the products continually meet the evolving needs of Richard’s audience and remain competitive in the market.
  • Integration with Existing Sales Funnels: Careful attention was given to integrating these new products into existing sales funnels. Enhancements were made to ensure a seamless transition from entry-level offerings to flagship programs, optimizing the customer journey and improving conversion rates.

This phase was instrumental in broadening Richard Moore’s product portfolio, effectively capturing early interest and gradually leading clients to more significant commitments. By introducing strategically positioned entry-level offerings, we not only expanded the brand’s market presence but also enhanced its capacity to nurture long-term client relationships.

Phase 6: Brand Experience Development

Armed now with a solid strategy, clear products, structured community, allowed us to finally embark onto the biggest part of this project. A comprehensive enhancement of the brand experience, focusing on a full website redesign with an emphasis on UX/UI and other digital and social touchpoints. This phase was critical not just for improving the aesthetic appeal of the website but also for ensuring it was more strategic and user-friendly, thereby enhancing the overall brand experience.

Original, old website (Pre-MVP)

Phase 6 Strategy Roadmap Actions:

  • Website Redesign: The redesign of the website was informed by a deep understanding of the target audience, gathered during the strategic planning phase. By improving the UX/UI, we aimed to create a smoother and more intuitive user journey tailored to the audience's behaviors and expectations. This facilitated easier navigation, better engagement with content, and improved conversions. The redesign also addressed mobile responsiveness and loading speeds to accommodate a broader range of users and devices.
  • Development of Digital Assets: To complement the website redesign, we developed a range of digital assets including branded PDFs for downloadable content. These assets were designed not only to aid in lead generation but also to provide valuable resources to the community, enhancing user engagement and supporting the overall brand strategy.
  • Enhancing LinkedIn Presence: Recognizing the importance of LinkedIn in Richard Moore's brand strategy, we upgraded his LinkedIn profile with customized assets. This included designing eye-catching thumbnails for featured links, which improved visibility and engagement on the platform. These assets were aligned with the new brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all digital touchpoints.
  • SEO Enhancements: We implemented targeted SEO strategies to improve organic search rankings and visibility. This involved optimizing website content with relevant keywords, improving meta tags and descriptions, and ensuring all content was optimized for search engines. Regular analysis and adjustments were made to adapt to changing SEO trends and algorithms.
  • Analytics and Tracking Setup: To measure the effectiveness of the redesigned website and overall digital strategy, we installed advanced tracking of user behavior, traffic sources, and engagement levels, providing valuable insights that informed ongoing strategy or web adjustments.
New Website Designed & Developed Aligned With The Brand

This phase significantly boosted and curated the complete overall brand experience by making Richard Moore’s digital presence not only more attractive but also more functional and aligned with his strategic goals. The enhancements led to significant improvement in sales, user engagement, increased traffic, and stronger brand loyalty, laying a strong foundation for continued growth and success.

Ongoing Brand Management

After implementing significant enhancements across Richard Moore's brand, our focus is now shifted to ongoing brand management. This is crucial for maintaining the momentum gained from previous initiatives and ensuring that the brand continues to evolve in alignment with its strategic goals and market changes.

  • Continuous Strategy Evaluation: Regular evaluations of the strategy are conducted to ensure it remains relevant and effective in the face of evolving market conditions and audience expectations. This includes revisiting and refining the brand's messaging, audience engagement strategies, and marketing tactics.
  • Performance Monitoring: Using the analytics and tracking tools set up in the previous phase, we continuously monitor the performance of all digital platforms. This data-driven approach helps us understand user behavior, identify trends, and make informed decisions about necessary adjustments to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates.
  • Community Engagement and Growth: The community platform is continuously managed to foster engagement and growth. New features and initiatives are regularly introduced based on community feedback and behavior analysis to keep the platform dynamic and engaging for users.
  • Innovation and Expansion: As the brand grows, we look for opportunities to innovate and expand product offerings and services. This might involve exploring new markets, developing additional products, or enhancing existing services to better meet the needs of Richard's audience.
  • Crisis Management and Brand Protection: Part of ongoing brand management involves being prepared for potential crises or challenges that might impact the brand's reputation. Proactive measures are in place to quickly address any issues that arise, ensuring the brand remains respected and trusted.

This ongoing phase ensures that Richard Moore's brand remains vibrant, relevant, and competitive in a rapidly changing market. By continuously managing and adapting the brand strategy, we not only sustain the initial gains but also create opportunities for further growth and success.


Richard Moore's strategic brand transformation journey successfully bolstered his digital presence and solidified his reputation as a leading sales coach. By strategically enhancing each aspect of his brand the comprehensive approach significantly boosted user engagement and streamlined client onboarding processes. This resulted in a cohesive, engaging brand experience that not only attracted a broader audience but also fostered deep, lasting connections with the community. Continuous brand management ensured that the brand remained dynamic and responsive, driving ongoing growth and establishing Richard Moore as a standout figure in the competitive market of sales coaching.


9 Designs were my website level-up. I needed to move from functional to a fully UX-led site that would be a platform for several sales channels. From the first session, they took the lead where they needed to and their attentive manner meant I felt I was being heard. Most important for me is minimal handholding and they nailed this - 9 Designs got on with the work and it was clear they are experts in their space. What I also love is how they helped manage and direct my brand so that it is consistent across my online presence. Thrilled we connected. Thanks again! - Richard Moore