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Working alongside Luminous, Mears was in need of a comprehensive digital platform to house their extensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data. The task wasn't just about creating a site but making sure it remained user-friendly and informative.


Our primary focus was understanding Mears PLC's objective with the ESG section. We assessed the importance of every designed data point and how they wanted it presented. We then proceeded to go through website strategy, prioritising website actions, integrations, apps, outcomes and and page development order. Given the vast number of pages, creating a seamless user experience was paramount. Navigation, clear categorization, and responsive design became our strategy pillars.


Given the scale and specificity of the project, it was essential to ensure a fluid journey for the user. With the websites structure being developed on Webflow, we used the same to develop the ESG side of the website, allowing for detailed customisation. Throughout the development process, we prioritized clarity and ease of use. Recognising that the ESG section would cater to various stakeholders, from investors to the public, we built the site to be intuitive for all.

The final site presented the ESG data in an organized, engaging manner. With interactive features, animations and a clean layout, users could easily access, understand, and navigate through the over 50 pages of content.

Mears Web Development
Mears Mobile View


The final Webflow site was more than just a repository of ESG data for Mears PLC; it became a showcase of their commitment to transparency and corporate responsibility. The feedback from the Mears PLC team and their stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, appreciating the balance of comprehensive data presentation with user-friendly design.

Mears Multiple Web Pages Development
Mears Healthy Planet Page


Assisting Mears PLC in crafting their ESG website was more than just a task for us. ESG represents a company's positive actions towards the environment, society, and governance. By digitalising their ESG initiatives and making them readily accessible online, we played a role in amplifying the message of conducting business responsibly. This project wasn't merely about website development; it was about endorsing positive transformation in the corporate realm. Every click on this site signifies a stride towards a more responsible business future.


"Engaging 9 Designs for our partner ESG site development was one of our best decisions. The team's ability to transform complex data into an easily navigable and visually appealing platform is truly commendable. We now have an ESG section for Mears that we're proud to share."

- Nick Clarke, Executive, Luminous