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Sonu, the visionary Founder of Bohut Tasty!, "Sonu Cooks" at that time, brought to us a profound love for food and a rich culinary background that spanned diverse cuisines, including Punjabi, Singaporean, and British. Her culinary journey was deeply rooted in her family's traditions and her own passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences. As we embarked on this transformative project, several challenges emerged:

  1. Rebranding from "SONU COOKS": Transitioning from the original concept of "SONU COOKS" posed a significant challenge. It necessitated a strategic shift to ensure that the new brand would align with Sonu's diverse culinary heritage and broader mission.
  2. Unrealised Ideas: Sonu brought with her a wealth of culinary concepts, including the supper club idea, which had yet to be fully realised. The challenge was to harness this creative potential and transform it into a cohesive brand strategy and identity that would do justice to her culinary aspirations. This process also involved creating a platform to productise her offerings under a compelling brand.
  3. Culinary Expertise: Sonu's culinary repertoire encompassed a fusion of cuisines, each with its unique flavours and traditions. The challenge was to channel this rich culinary knowledge into a cohesive brand communication and messaging strategy that celebrated her diverse culinary heritage. This strategy would permeate through all aspects of the brand, from visual elements to services offered.
  4. Fulfilling a Purpose: Beyond the act of cooking itself, Sonu's mission extended to creating a purposeful culinary experience. It wasn't solely about preparing food; it was about crafting a brand that could effectively tell a compelling story, foster a vibrant community, and convey love through nourishing meals. Additionally, it aimed to support communities through these shared culinary experiences.
  5. Creating a New Brand: Crafting a brand from scratch, encompassing everything from the brand's overarching strategy to its name and the visual elements that embodied Sonu's culinary identity, presented a formidable challenge.

These challenges became the driving force behind our strategic approach, inspiring us to create a brand strategy, identity, and web presence that would celebrate Sonu's culinary expertise, cultural fusion, and heartfelt mission to nourish both body and soul.


The inception of Bohut Tasty! started with Kiki's Flagship Brand Strategy Takeoff 🚀, Brand Strategy Workshop. These collaborative workshops, spread over three interactive sessions, focused on four essential pillars of brand development:

  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Anatomy
  • Messaging
  • Market, Audience & Positioning

Our journey commenced with an extensive brand analysis, where we closely examined Bohut Tasty! current business framework. This involved understanding its services, growth trajectory, revenue strategies, brand ambitions, and any challenges it faced. This pivotal step established our starting point and the ambitious goals we aimed to achieve.

As we navigated through Bohut Tasty! brand framework, we delved into its brand vision, values, purpose, and commitment, these elements form the bedrock of the brand. We also integrated their dedication to responsibility, ethics, and sustainability, anchoring its brand impact in positive values.

Shifting our focus to the brands messaging, our initial priority was to shape its brand personality and tone of voice. These elements are instrumental in defining how Bohut Tasty! communicates, encompassing not only its auditory aspect but also its visual representation. Together, they lay the foundation for establishing a meaningful connection with Bohut Tasty! audience.

This exploration took form through a series of engaging role-playing exercises. These exercises revealed the brand personality as welcoming, warm, personable, humorous, and vibrant.

Following the successful completion of these workshop exercises, armed with a deep understanding of the brand, we transitioned into the messaging phase. This phase included the crucial tasks of defining the brand name and crafting the tagline.

The process of naming the brand was an intricate journey that aimed to resonate with the linguistic diversity represented by Sonu. We explored over 25 name concepts, blending elements from Punjabi, Singaporean, and English languages, in pursuit of the perfect fit. After careful consideration, we arrived at the ultimate choice: 'Bohut Tasty!' (which translates to 'VERY TASTY!' in Punjabi)."

For the tagline, we crafted 'Homecooked, joy-filled, food for the body, mind, and soul.' This tagline encapsulates the essence of Bohut Tasty!' mission and offerings.

The final phase revolved around reevaluating the Bohut Tasty!' positioning within the dynamic market landscape. We embarked on a thorough exploration, crafting detailed customer personas and immersing ourselves in various brand experiences. Our goal was to gain a profound understanding of Bohut Tasty!' target audience. This journey involved an in-depth analysis of psychographics, pinpointing pain points of the audience, and a comprehensive grasp of their decision-making processes, ensuring seamless alignment with the brand's offerings.

Subsequent to the post-workshop phase, we concluded the brand strategy by conducting a meticulous review, supported by extensive research into the market, audience demographics, and brand experience. This stage included an exhaustive analysis of competitors and a deep dive into the audience's preferences.

This comprehensive process culminated in the development of a definitive brand strategy document, complemented by a practical implementation guide. This meticulous approach ensured that the Bohut Tasty! brand strategy not only embraced a visionary outlook but also stood ready for practical implementation across all facets of the brand.

Identity Design

In the early stages of crafting the Bohut Tasty! brand mark, our design team embarked on a creative journey to capture the brand's essence visually. Initial sketches featured diverse fonts, from bold to informal, reflecting the brand's inclusivity and cultural fusion mission. Elements like steaming pots, chef's hats, and spoons paid tribute to the brand's culinary focus, while speech bubbles and smiles added an emotional touch.

Inspired by Punjabi, Singaporean, and British influences, our designs creatively fused cultures. We incorporated triangular shapes reminiscent of the Bohut Tasty! iconic samosas, adding an extra layer of connection. Simple and embellished designs coexisted, striking a balance between memorability and legibility.

These chosen designs radiate the brand's vibrant energy and ensure clear communication. The Bohut Tasty! visual identity is poised to symbolize joy-filled, home-cooked nourishment, not only through its flavors but also through its visual storytelling.

Bohut Tasty's logo is a perfect representation of its brand values of Nourishment, Love, Honesty and Joy: a spoon cradled in a bowl that doubles as a joyful face in the 'O' and a spoon-shaped 'U', bringing to life their slogan of "homecooked, joy-filled food for the body, mind, and soul." This clever design encapsulates the essence of joy, which is central to the brand, while also nodding to the nourishing and honest meals prepared with love and a big handful of JOY. It's an emblem of the brand's commitment to serve happiness on a plate, reflecting the authenticity, community spirit, and positivity that Bohut Tasty cherishes. The brand invites everyone to partake in this joy, offering a culinary experience that feeds more than just the appetite, it nourishes the soul and uplifts the spirit.

Collateral Design

We extended Bohut Tasty!'s visual identity to marketing collateral, including leaflets, menus, business cards, and social content designs. These pieces harmonize with the brand's vibrant aesthetics, featuring bold typography and lively visuals that reflect the brand's values, inviting customers to savor joy-filled, homecooked meals.

In addition to print materials, we designed strategic social content aimed at fostering community engagement, particularly during the brand's initial weeks. Our designed social posts not only showcased delectable dishes but also encouraged personal connections and sharing experiences of those who are connected within this collaborative community. We launched contests, invited followers to share their culinary experiences, and initiated discussions on food, culture, and joy. This approach cultivated a dynamic online community, where followers actively participated, shared their love for Bohut Tasty!, and became brand advocates, contributing to the brand's rapid growth and engagement from the outset.

Web Design

The development of Bohut Tasty's website was a strategic journey. It began with a website strategy aligned with the brand's objectives, ensuring it served business goals and user needs. We crafted wireframes to define the site's structure and user journey, prioritizing functionality and user-friendliness.

During the design phase, Bohut Tasty's unique brand identity came to life with meticulous attention to detail. The wireframes served as a clear roadmap, allowing our team creative freedom to design each page with purpose. Our goal was to create a website that reflected Bohut Tasty's brand essence, enhancing user experience and aesthetics.

The e-commerce aspect enriches the customer experience, focusing on signature samosas, a blend of tradition and innovation. On the samosas page, visitors explore unique flavors like the Thai Chicken Samosa and classic Peas & Potatoes Samosa, made from fresh ingredients. The website simplifies ordering with clear instructions, prioritizing convenience and quality.

Brand Launch Strategy

We strategically launched Bohut Tasty! by progressively revealing their new brand identity. We began with cryptic teasers to build anticipation, using posts and emails to guide the audience through values and vision, culminating in the brand name reveal. Interactive elements like polls engaged the audience. Post-reveal, we assessed the campaign's impact, using insights to shape future strategies. This approach ensured the launch marked the beginning of an ongoing connection with Bohut Tasty! brand narrative, complemented by a final launch day video.


Bohut Tasty's commitment to making a positive impact is deeply woven into their brand strategy. Through a collaborative workshop, we organized their objectives into three key areas: social, economic, and environmental. On the social front, Bohut Tasty is dedicated to fostering community engagement and providing charitable support, particularly for children and food charities. Economically, their initiatives focus on ethical practices, including support for local economies. Environmentally, they are taking concrete steps toward sustainability through eco-friendly packaging and waste reduction strategies. By setting achievable goals within these realms, we ensure that Bohut Tasty's aspirations for impact are not only ambitious but also practical, measurable, and continuously monitored for progress. This structured approach firmly grounds their brand in a culture of ongoing improvement and meaningful contributions to society and the planet.

A Bohut Tasty! Result...

What Bohut Tasty is today represents the culmination of a remarkable journey. Through our collaborative efforts in brand strategy and design, we've transformed Bohut Tasty into a culinary destination that not only serves inviting fusion cuisine but also creates unforgettable dining experiences. Their handcrafted samosas, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, showcase their commitment to excellence. From the heritage-rich Punjabi peas and potatoes to the specialty flagship Thai Chicken, each samosa is a meticulously crafted journey in taste, reflecting the brand's dedication to precision and authenticity.

Beyond their culinary offerings, Bohut Tasty! exclusive Supper Clubs and Private Dining events redefine personal dining with intimate settings and bespoke menus, exemplifying their brand values of connection and inclusivity. This journey, guided by the principles of nourishment, love, honesty, and, above all, joy, is a testament to the power of strategic brand transformation and design, a transformation we're proud to have orchestrated.