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Elevey, at the time known as Sally Brady Business Planning Specialist Ltd, was in the midst of significant changes within the business. The company was growing and felt that their brand didn't represent who they were becoming and wanted to be.

They were facing multiple challenges as it embarked on its growth journey:

  1. Expansion and Diversification: The brand was branching out with a new social media & marketing arm, headed up by a new addition to the team, Georgia Brady.
  2. Identity Mismatch: Elevey had outgrown its former identity as Sally Brady Business Planning Specialist Ltd and sought a renewed representation that matched its growth and representation of the two key members of the business, Sally and Georgia.
  3. Brand Integration: While introducing new services, it was vital to ensure that the brand harmonised with these additions.
  4. Rebranding Need: Beyond just a name change, Elevey required a complete identity rebranding to reflect its evolved stance.
  5. Strategic Clarity: The most pressing need was for a clear brand strategy to provide direction, awareness, positioning and differentiation in the market and navigate their brand growth and navigate future changes.


The journey with Elevey's brand began with Kiki's Flagship Brand Strategy Takeoff 🚀, Brand Strategy Workshop, where we set a definitive course for their evolving identity. The workshop, spanning three interactive sessions, delved into four fundamental pillars of brand building.

We initiated with a thorough brand analysis, where we took a close look at Elevey's existing business structure, comprehending its services, progress to date, revenue models, brand aspirations, and barriers. This crucial step mapped out the starting point and the targets to strive for.

Sally & Georgia in the Brand Strategy Takeoff 🚀 Workshop

Moving through the brand anatomy, we explored Elevey's brand vision, values, purpose, and promise, the core attributes that define its foundation. We included Elevey's commitments to responsibility, ethics, and sustainability, which underpin its positive brand impact.

Elevey Brand Vision Statement

Messaging became our focus as we shaped Elevey's brand personality, a key to unlocking its distinctive voice and tone. It was within this creative cauldron that the name This involved shaping Elevey's brand personality, which would influence its voice and tone. Part of this process, post the workshop, was the careful consideration of a new brand name. After 2 weeks of work on the name with an array of concepts presented and analysed, 'Elevey' was chosen, inspired by the French 'élever' - to elevate - symbolising the brand's mission to uplift businesses.

Elevey Name Concept Board
Elevey Brand Name Breakdown

The final pillar involved rethinking Elevey's position in the marketplace. We dived into detailed persona creation and the exploration of brand experiences to gain a nuanced understanding of Elevey's target audience. This included examining psychographics, pinpointing audience pain points, and understanding decision-making processes to ensure alignment with the brand's offerings.

Post workshop wrapped up the brand strategy with a thorough review of the insights gained, supported by extensive research on the market, audience, and brand experience. This stage also involved competitor comparisons, seeking inspiration, and conducting interviews with Elevey's current clients to measure brand perception, advocacy, and loyalty.

This comprehensive process crystallized into a definitive brand strategy document, complete with an actionable implementation guide. This ensured that Elevey’s brand strategy was not only visionary but also ready for practical application across the brand's activities.

Elevey Brand Strategy Document

Identity Design

The design journey for Elevey’s identity commenced with an exploration of various concepts that would capture the essence of 'elevation' in numbers and business, the heart of what Elevey represents. A pivotal aim for the brand mark was adaptability, particularly for digital mediums, ensuring Elevey’s icon would be instantly recognisable in any setting.

With an ambition for a modern and refined aesthetic, we settled on a design that would distinctively position Elevey within the competitive financial and business service markets. Out of a diverse range of concepts, the final design was selected as the quintessential embodiment of our vision, achieving an ideal equilibrium of simplicity, symbolism, and creativity.

The typeface Ruttan, chosen for the logo, with its crisp and contemporary feel, perfectly complements the brand's progressive and 'elevating' approach to business. This font conveys a sense of precision and professionalism, echoing Elevey's dedication to excellence and advancement.

Elevey Brandmark
Elevey Brand Identity Suite
Elevey Visual Identity Stylescape

Collateral Design

In the collateral design phase, we developed a consistent set of materials that carry Elevey's brand message through every aspect of their communication. The design of signatures and social media elements like profile pictures and banners was approached with a clear focus on maintaining the brand's professional image. The aim was to ensure immediate recognition of the Elevey brand across various platforms, reinforcing a coherent visual identity that's straightforward and effective. These elements are not just visually appealing but also strategically purposed to strengthen Elevey's presence in every interaction.

Elevey Social Media Visual Branding
Elevey Ad Board

Web Design

The web design and development journey for Elevey was strategic and methodical. It began with devising a website strategy that resonated with the brand's goals, ensuring the site would meet both business and user needs.

From there, we built wireframes to outline the site's structure and user flow, concentrating on a functional, user-friendly interface. This crucial planning stage set the stage for the subsequent design phase.

In the design phase, Elevey's brand identity came to life through meticulous attention to detail and a clear guide from the wireframes to enable creative freedom for designing each page to serve a purpose.

The end goal was a website that not only represented the Elevey brand but also enhanced the user interaction and experience as well as level up the aesthetic look of Elevey online.

Elevey Web Design Board

Brand Launch Strategy

We mapped out a launch strategy for Elevey that was designed to pique interest and progressively unveil their new brand identity. The campaign kicked off with cryptic teasers hinting at an upcoming revelation. This phase was all about building anticipation and engagement through strategic posts and email communications.

We orchestrated a narrative that took Elevey's audience on a journey through the brand's core values and vision, leading up to the eagerly anticipated name reveal. The aim was to do more than just showcase a new logo; it was about inviting the audience to be part of Elevey's evolution and to experience the story behind the brand.

Interactive elements such as polls and discussions were incorporated to keep the audience engaged and to stir speculation and interest in Elevey's announcements. Following the full reveal, our team stepped back to assess the impact of the campaign, using insights from audience interactions to inform future strategies. This approach ensured that the launch was not just a one-off event but the beginning of an ongoing engagement with Elevey's brand narrative.

Elevey Brand Launch Plan


At the heart of Elevey's philosophy is the understanding that positive impact begins with a clear intention. This guiding principle is crystallised in the brand strategy workshops led by Kiki, where the team aligns on the core purpose of every endeavor, setting the stage for the actions that follow. It is this precision of intent that underpins the Elevey approach, ensuring that every step, no matter how small, is directed towards a significant and positive outcome.

Recognising that grand visions are achieved through attainable milestones, Elevey worked with Kiki to strategically segmented their positive impact goals into specific domains: Economic, Social, and Environmental. This tailored approach not only makes their objectives more achievable but also allows for a focused and deepened effect in each area.

Elevey is dedicated to environmental care, promoting cloud-based solutions, encouraging carpooling to cut emissions, and implementing strict recycling for paper and tech waste. These practical measures reflect their earnest commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Socially, Elevey's impact is precise and proactive. They partner with global charities to support community development and provide bespoke mentorship to budding entrepreneurs, creating a nurturing network that promotes long-term success.

Economically, Elevey fosters local prosperity by prioritising small businesses and adhering to fair employment practices. By recognising and cultivating local talent, they not only support but also drive community economic health.

By setting clear intentions and following through with deliberate actions, Elevey ensures that their positive impact is not just an aspiration but a tangible reality. This commitment to making a real difference is what sets them apart, as they take practical steps toward a vision of a better world and a future.

Client Review

"Kiki where do I start, the most tolerant and innovative Brand Specialist you could ever meet! The Elevey journey has been amazing! The workshops for the Brand Strategy were so on point Kiki pulled so much information out of us in a fun but strategic way, each section we completed, we discussed and then the results that came from Kiki and the team were so aligned to us it was magical. The whole process was fun and insightful and the end result just showed us how invaluable the workshops have been. The colours, the name, our identity design and web design so "us" and all because Kiki listened he learnt about us, he worked with us so well that the end result has been perfect. I cannot recommend Kiki enough he has a real power that you can only admire! The FUN Brand Strategist is the perfect name for Kiki!"

Sally Brady, Founder, Elevey

Georgia - "I have worked with Kiki to complete my rebranding to the now 'Elevey'. From start to finish I have been blown away by Kiki's attention to detail and methods to create a brand that is so aligned to who we are. Any requests or questions were no hassle at all and everything was answered in depth and with reason. Kiki always had the biggest smile and made every session feel relaxed, comfortable and fun. If you are thinking about taking your brand to the next step or rebranding then I promise you that Kiki is the person for you and you will not regret a single thing."

Georgia Brady, Marketing Exec, Elevey