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December 16, 2021

Direct Vitality

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Direct Vitality

Project Brief


Direct Vitality required a complete rebrand. One which reflected and expressed their promise to 'working with the world'. They required a brand that was more bold, playful and welcoming to help lead them into the direction of sustainable and ethical supplement production. Their biggest challenge was being a brand that was widely recognised on amazon, they wanted to rebrand and move away from selling on amazon to selling via their own platform with an improved mission and full responsibility. Along with a rebrand, packaging, website, social content and marketing was also required


With a hugely positive response from the current customers, the Direct Vitality rebrand and new brand positioning were warmly welcomed. The customers of Direct Vitality we're happy to see the company moving into a direction that was more conscious and caring about the impact and the planet. The brand strategy helped clarify the exact mission, vision and values of Direct Vitality along with identifying the exact demographics of the customers and what they wanted. As an instant result, there was a lot of love with the new, confident and caring tone of voice, packaging, branding and most importantly the new website, which received immensely positive feedback where customers felt it was much easier to navigate, order and find relevant information. Direct Vitality saw an increase of sales by 20% instantly after the brand, website and marketing campaign launch.

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