Put simply, branding is a process which enables us to create differentiation from competitor products or services. It’s done by creating a physical set of attributes:


What is

A brand name

A strapline

A brand identity


Why do we brand?

There’s multiple reasons for branding, the conversation could honestly be endless. But here are the 6 primary reasons we focus on.

" Products are created in a factory. Brands are created in the mind."

Walter Landor (1913-1995)

Acclaimed brand designer and a
pioneer of branding and consumer
research techniques.

The ultimate

The ultimate successful brand is one that achieves a high degree of recognition, fulfils consumers expectations with each experience and becomes the consumers first, and possibly only choice.




Our multisensory branding process aims to appeal to as many of the human senses as possible.

Sight is the foundational sense that branding appeals to. Elegant creations appeal to the human eyes and great branding is appreciated and recognised. Elegant brands work in conjunction with sight and memory making them memorable.

Tasteful tongue

Taste becomes involved in particular for marketing activities such as free samples or tasters. It can also be used to engage with your audience to send a message on certain products. Skoda in 2009 created a cake of their car to project it as "sweet and tasty". Their sales grew by 160% after the campaign.

Just as you've been enthralled by the background music on this site, shows the impact of sound when relating to specific brands. You'll remember this site not only for the visual experience but in particular for the sound. Sound plays a big part in branding and can wriggle into your consciousness to manipulate your emotions and connect you to a brand.

Enthralled ears

Tenacious touch

Elegant eyes

Touch is a firm secondary sense in the multisensory branding process which can induce a highly personal association with a brand or specific product. The quality of product finish, materials, shapes and sizes all are considered as part of the branding process.

Nostalgic Nose

Smell is the most sensitive of all of our senses, linking strongly to pleasure and well-being. The citizen-M hotel chain uses a specific fragrance in its hotels which has a big impact on emotion by triggering good memories of previous experiences.

Encompassing as many senses as possible helps to communicate messages in the most powerful and effective way allowing to successfully build strong brand recognition.



This stylescape presents the final identity design forged for ARCH Investments.

Their search included an identity that would fit to fulfil their company vision and leave an impression with investors and clients, instilling confidence and sharpness.

The project was lead with a premium logo design, incorporating a sharp typeface finished with a royal blue and foil gold colour scheme for this focused Property Investment company.

A unique project that stretched the horizons of creative design for a Real Estate Company, tying-in culture, discipline and real estate in a single brand.

Turtle Ship Investments vision guided the formation of this brand identity presented by this Stylescape.

As a result of in-depth strategy and research, there was swift agreements on the brands approach, intentional and specific design in order to achieve the correct brand awareness needed to create the perfect brand to achieve market fit.

A company with a vision and plan of building an investment firm providing investors with attractive level of returns. First Tier Property Investments required a brand and launch strategy to deliver on their business brand and concepts.

Strategy allowed us to hone in on company recognition, authority, brand awareness, client target and company value.

This lead us to develop a brand which embodied purpose, consistency, flexibility and competitive awareness within the residential and commercial Property Investment sector.

The London based interior design studio, Studio Modha were in search for a brand identity that matched their vision of being between the medium to high end option within the interior designers spectrum.

This Stylescape presents the identity that was forged to fit the design brief to create a sleek and contemporary brand which was able to fit in uniquely with the contemporary interior design industry and to represent Studio Modha's premium work quality.